The I'm From Driftwood Podcast

I'm From Driftwood, Alex Berg, Anddy Egan-Thorpe, Phil aka Corinne

I’m From Driftwood is an LGBTQIA+ storytelling nonprofit whose aim is to increase empathy and empower individuals by creating an apolitical forum for LGBTQ stories from every age, race, gender identity, background and culture. Since 2009, IFD has filmed and published over 700 video stories that have accrued over 35+ million views on its YouTube Channel. The I'm From Driftwood Podcast brings its queer storytelling to a new medium. Each episode will feature the audio clips from stories from the I’m From Driftwood archive, and the stories and subject matter will be discussed by the two podcast hosts. Topics discussed will range from bi-inclusion, childhood crushes, and gender identity, to love, race, and drag culture. The Podcast will be produced by Anddy Egan-Thrope and hosted by Alex Berg and Phil aka Corinne. Anddy is a Made in NY Fellow, the producer of the podcast “Queers From the Crypt”, and creator, producer, and host of “Fruit Basket”, a podcast about queer comedy. Alex, a “loud and proud bisexual femme” is a journalist covering national news, women’s issues, and LGBTQ culture. Phil is the creator, producer, and host of the podcast “Transition of Style” whose mission is to “help gender non-conforming people bring forth their most authentic, confident and true selves by providing professional styling.” read less
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