Inside The Foo Fighters

Ongoing History of New Music

Jul 19 2017 • 27 mins

Being in a band seems straightforward…you pick up some instruments and start playing…but it’s much more complicated than that…the music that you end up making is influenced by so many outside forces…where you grew up…what music you listened to as a kid…what music you listen to now…the city in which you’re writing songs…the city in which you’re recording those songs… All these factors (and more!) Affect the music you make…but how?...and fans love this stuff…they love to know what other bands influenced their favorite musicians…it’s all part of the understanding and discovery of music… The Foo Fighters know this…and they set out to document all the stuff that goes into one particular album: Sonic Highways…eight songs recorded in eight different cities…and not only did they make a record, but they made an HBO tv series documenting the whole process… Here’s how it worked:  the band set up in a new city for each of the eight songs on the record…they’d hang out, talk with musicians from that city…and then at the end of the week, Dave would sit down with a transcription of the conversations he’d had and then sort of cut’n’paste words and phrases from those conversations into what would become the lyrics for that song…and then the band would get to work on the song… It was a very, very interesting way to make a record—and the process also laid bare the influences that went into writing these songs as well as digging into the influences that made each member of the foo fighters who they are as musicians and who they are as people… I had a chance to talk to the whole band about all the different things that make the Foo Fighters the Foo Fighters… Learn more about your ad choices. Visit