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From Siri to Singularity - How AI is Transforming Our Lives
Apr 29 2022
From Siri to Singularity - How AI is Transforming Our Lives
In this episode, we discuss Artificial Intelligence and futurist predictions for the future of AI. We talk about how AI is growing more and more each year exponentially. We also discuss the Turing test and how a machine may be able to pass this by 2029. Finally, we talk about Kurzweil's prediction for the Singularity or the time when humans transcend biology, which he predicts will happen by 2045.Discussion Panel Guest - Pieter ButeneersPieter Buteneers is a data strategist, machine learning consultant, and Entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in the tech industry. He is currently the Director of Engineering in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence at Sinch. At Sinch, Pieter is responsible for determining the Machine Learning and AI strategies and building them. Pieter is a well-known figure in the Belgian tech scene. He has given presentations on various topics at conferences like MLConference.ai, and others to a variety of audiences. He is also a sought-after consultant for startups on launch strategies and the possibilities of machine learning.Discussion Panel Guest – Dr. Tao LinDr. Tao Lin is a language scientist focusing on how to “teach” AI systems to learn a language. He looks at how meanings are represented and discover linguistic patterns to train machines to learn English and Chinese. He has also worked extensively on developing and contributing to NLP and AI research on automatic text summarization, conversation parsing, grammar correction, linguistic knowledge bases, machine translation, and human-robot interaction, using deep neural networks and other approaches. He is a former Graduate Instructor with the University of Colorado Boulder. He currently works with our guest Amit Gupta as a Computational Linguist at Milestone Technologies AI Center of Excellence.Dr. Lin is a leading expert in the field of NLP. His work has helped advance what is considered state of the art in the field of AI, producing applications in a wide range of areas-from digital humanities to business intelligence and medical AI. We are thrilled to have him as our guest. We hope you enjoy learning more about his work.Support the show