66. How can we reform education to better prepare students for the future?

What I Want to Know with Kevin P. Chavous

Sep 7 2022 • 24 mins

The COVID-19 pandemic, and the drive for social justice, have highlighted the need for meaningful change in the U.S. education system. New technologies and social realities are also impacting the aspirations of young people, and our schools have to keep up. As we look towards the future of education, we must think about how to best prepare students for a changing world rather than simply relying on the teaching methods of the past.

What methods will allow us to best assess students and reshape public education? How can we improve education when there are barriers to reform? And what should education look like going forward?

Dr. Bill Daggett, founder of the Successful Practices Network, joins Kevin to talk about the state of education in America, the issues faced by educators and reformers, and the future of schooling in the United States.