S1:E6 Tom + Josiah + Dori

L1A Podcast

Mar 22 2022 • 16 mins

Episode Summary
This group discusses what sacrifices need to be made to see movement happen and the risks involved in that.

Episode Notes
Website: https://loveoneanother.life
Watch the film: https://loveoneanother.life/watch-the-film/

Episode 6 Snippet
We are talking about sacrificing our own desires and will to see movement happen. It used to be clear, depending on how you define "movement", that we are still in process and we are still working toward that. The people that we have been with and the people we have been connect to and loving and learning from have sacrificed a lot. And we're sacrificing but Jesus said unless you relinquish everything you can't be my disciple. But when we die to "self" and we repent and relinquish everything, surrender all we find life!

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