Episode 142 - Battle Rage - Laeg

Candlelit Tales Irish Mythology Podcast

Nov 24 2021 • 26 mins

Welcome back to the Candlelit Tales Podcast, and back to the Battle Rage Series. This year we decided to choose lesser known characters from the Ulster Cycle, and tell their most interesting stories. This is the story of Laeg, charioteer to the Champion of Ulster, Cuchulainn. He was know as the king of charioteers when he died. But as a youth it's interesting to consider, what drove him to be Cúchulainn's only friend and chariot driver. He was the only one who could insult him, and he was by his side for most of his greatest feats and glories. He also had to learn how to take the great mythical horses, The Grey of Macha and the Black of Seanglean’s. This story is told by Aron. Music is by Oisín Ryan & Aron Hegarty & it is produced by Oisín Ryan You might recognise the characters in this series from the Táin saga. These stories stand alone, linked by one connection: the different manifestations of their Battle Rage. This podcast is proudly sponsored by the people who donate to us each month via https://www.patreon.com/candlelittales and anyone who sends us a once-off donation through the Paypal button on our website http://candlelittales.ie/ #keepherlit #keephercandlelit #candlelittales #storytelling #livemusic #mythology #irishmythology #mythicalirealnd https://open.spotify.com/show/2102WuUUe9Jl6cGXNwQEKf https://soundcloud.com/candlelittales https://twitter.com/candlelit_tales?lang=en