Ep. 106 - Lucy and Saul are setting aside their trowels and forks for a week and travelling to the NEC in Birmingham for BBC Gardener's World Live - Special Edition, so we take a look at our role in the show and review some of our favourite highlights.

Talking Heads - a Gardening Podcast

Aug 21 2021 • 33 mins

Summer is upon us at last! The warmer weather seems much overdue this year, so Lucy and Saul are relieved to at last see the abundance of growth that this season can bring. This explosion requires selective intervention and management, so get ready for lively conversations about how these two experienced Head Gardeners keep calm - and cool - during the garden's peak period.

Ahhh - Lucy and Saul finally get loose of the shackles in their gardens and are allowed out for some well deserved Flower Show action. Next week - between the 26th and 29th August - it's BBC Gardener's World Live from the NEC in Birmingham, and as with every year we've been there we'll be manning the Plants Expert desk giving first rate advice, plant ID's and pest and disease consolation to anyone who wants to come and chat with us - so see you there!

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