Ask an Influencer

Robyn Carter and Brooke Stewart

Trends & Innovation expert Robyn Carter, & Influencer Marketing powerhouse Brooke Stewart have partnered to launch the new podcast “Ask an Influencer.” In each episode, they’ll dig into insights and perspectives alongside notable Influencers and content creators to shed light on trends in food, personal care, fitness, travel, fashion, and even entrepreneur life. “Ask an Influencer” is a show for anyone who wants a crystal ball to help them understand how trends are evolving and why. It’s a place where marketers and aspiring entrepreneurs can discover how they can harness those trends to bring something exciting and relevant to the marketplace. With 15+ years of experience inspiring successful innovation for some of the world’s most beloved brands, from ice cream to snacks to beauty, skin care, toys and beyond, Robyn & Brooke are leading forces in helping brands to become category game-changers. read less