Francesca Beauman

The Kathryn Zox Show

Oct 7 2020 • 30 seconds

Kathryn interviews Historian & Bookseller Francesca Beauman, author of “Matrimony, Inc.: From Personal Ads to Swiping Right, a Story of America Looking for Love.” She examines individual ads placed in various major US cities throughout history and highlights the rise of satire ads as well as the first ads placed by women. Beauman, author of six books, runs the popular book forum “Fran’s Book Shop.” Kathryn also interviews Activist Steve Davis, author of “Undercurrents: Channeling Outrage to Spark Practical Activism.” He shows readers how global citizens have harnessed their outrage to effect change, outlining the ways corporations and businesses can use their assets to begin the currents of actual change. Davis is a senior strategic advisor and interim director, China Country Office, for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and serves as co-chair of the World Health Organization’s Digital Health Technical Advisory Group.