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Ashley Lytton was a typical mom and wife in suburban Utah with three children until she discovered her husband’s horrifying secret. It was a shocking crime that would alter Ashley’s life and jeopardize the safety of her children. This season of Betrayal will focus on one mother’s fight to find justice for her daughter and protection from a predator too close to home. Once we hear her story, we learn the same crime is happening every day in households all over the country. It’s a betrayal of our families, communities and everything we value in society. Season Two lays the issue bare through the family’s story and takes an honest look at a huge problem most people don’t want to even want to acknowledge.

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Our Editor's Take

This compelling true crime podcast will make listeners face what may be the most frightening question of all: how well do you know your significant other? From iHeartPodcasts and Glass Podcasts comes the podcast Betrayal. This podcast is the true-crime story of Jenifer Faison and her husband Spencer Herron, a dark tale of the secrets, lies, and infidelity of a well-hidden sexual predator.

They had a picture-perfect marriage. Then, one day, the facade shattered. A search warrant for their home revealed Spencer to be a manipulative and cruel sexual predator.

Everything Jenifer believed about her husband was wrong. What came next was a list of sexual assault allegations. Years of lies and deceit were brought into the open. But how Jenifer emerged from that devastation is the focus of this podcast story. This podcast details Jenifer's experience, feelings, and healing through the pain caused by her husband's terrible crimes.

Betrayal is a podcast that does more than tell a true-crime tale. It is a saga of resilience and healing. This podcast makes listeners wonder whether their own partner could live a double life.

A nine-episode series, Betrayal features in-depth interviews with Jenifer. She shares her perspective, guiding listeners through what she experienced during her marriage to a now-convicted sexual abuser. She reveals how events affected her, and shares the deepest parts of herself. Jenifer's experiences aren't the only ones listeners will hear. They'll hear Spencer talk to Jenifer for the first time in four years. Listeners seeking true crime storytelling with a dose of closure will be captivated by Betrayal.

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