Are People Finding Your Business Online? with John Vuong

Local First

Sep 22 2020 • 38 mins

This is Local First Podcast's first international interview with John Vuong out of Toronto, CA. We take a deep dive into how to get your business is searched for online.

As the owner of Local SEO Search since 2013, my mission is to equip local business owners with the right products (websites), services (SEO) and knowledge to grow and expand to position these business owners as the industry thought leaders by being honest, transparent and having a strong will to succeed in business.

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Local SEO Search is a full-service search engine optimization (SEO) company. Founder John Vuong started in SEO near the beginning. Back in 2010, he was working with Yellow Pages and the company was offering SEO strategy.

However, he found that the supposed experts at that time didn’t understand why some companies ranked above others. In fact, he felt that the offers were damaging his relationships with small businesses because they weren’t getting the results they paid for.

John cares a lot about the small businesses he works with, especially family businesses. That’s why he began to focus on understanding search engines, their rankings, and how companies can benefit from a variety of digital marketing platforms.

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