Are You Afraid To Feel with Deb Kahler

Local First

Dec 10 2020 • 28 mins

This is an episode you will want to listen to twice. Deb and I dive deep into how you can be the Best Something Ever. We discuss fear, self-care, and how amazing is possible.


Key takeaways from Deb Kahler

  • What is self-love
  • Are you afraid to feel?
  • Turning your light back on
  • Are you willing to be helped?

Deb Kahler is a licensed massage therapist, a certified constitutional and holistic iridologist, a certified raindrop harmonics specialist, a certified RTT practitioner, and a young living essential oil enthusiast.

Deb is the owner of Best Something Ever, LLC where she helps you find the something you have been looking for to help yourself be your best.

Deb has been in the practice of the healing arts for the past 12 years and is now practicing at her new office in Oconomowoc, WI.

Deb enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and always learning new ways of self-help and self-love, and then sharing what works.

Every person experiences challenges in their own unique path in life. I can help each other through life experiences, knowing we have made it through them ourselves. I believe everyone has an amazing purpose on this earth if they are willing to take ownership of their feeling and their life and get in touch with their deepest emotions. I am here to help with the process, unique in every individual. Come and experience new techniques, iridology, hypnosis, and hypnotherapy, biofeedback, metabody electronics, massage.

Connect with Deb Kahler


Facebook @bestsomethingever


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