The Biggest Failure In Life Is Doing Nothing With Asim Khan

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Nov 3 2020 • 37 mins

Asim Khan has a story that is full of challenges but he chooses to make a life-changing transformation by starting a new business in a very competitive market of healthy drinks he created Zyn.

Key takeaways from Asim Khan:

  • Start now don't wait.
  • The biggest failure in life is doing nothing.
  • Overcoming fear.
  • Taking the jump to become an entrepreneur.

Asim Khan is co-founder of ZYN. Previously he spent nearly 20 years in finance industry (investment banking & private equity). He received a B.S. in Accounting & Finance from Marquette University. Asim is married with 2 boys and a girl.

ZYN comes from the word “zyndagi,” which means LIFE for over 1 billion people in South Asia.

The ZYN “aha” moment happened during a family trip to Pakistan in November 2016 with our parents. After the long plane ride over, our father who is diabetic, suffered from sudden and severe diabetic nerve pain in his foot, to the point where he couldn’t walk. Our aunt made a paste with Turmeric powder and olive oil and applied it to our father’s foot. Within an hour, his pain was completely gone. Natural healing has been a part of our Eastern culture for over 5000 years. Our family has used ancient, natural remedies for everything from colds, to indigestion, to reducing inflammation. We decided Turmeric was something that we wanted to share with others.

Upon our return to the US, we began to further research Turmeric and discovered its immunity-boosting and inflammation-reducing healing power comes from a tiny compound called CURCUMIN. We began crafting drinks in our kitchens with CURCUMIN, combining it with PIPERINE to boost absorption. We tested the recipes on ourselves and noticed our everyday aches and pains went away and we felt rejuvenated. We were onto something we felt needed to be shared with the world. So we kept crafting ZYN and introduced the recipes to our family and friends, then to local grocery stores and hospitals, and from there our amaZYN journey has led to nationwide expansion of ZYN.

In the end, health is not just about outward appearances, but rather it’s the holistic package. We are all about promoting balanced health and wellness lifestyles that incorporate the endless goodness that nature provides in a socially, ethically and environmentally responsible manner.

Shake Well, Be Well

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