And Then They Were Gone

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Each week hosts Kona and Ethan go beyond the headlines and social media posts to do a deep dive into a different missing persons case. Do you hold the key to bringing someone home?

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Our Editor's Take

The And Then They Were Gone podcast talks about missing person's cases. Real estate agent and true crime aficionado Kona Gallagher created this true crime show in 2020. Despite the chilling subject, the podcast desires to raise awareness about disappearances.

Kona Gallagher and her husband, Ethan Flick both host And Then They Were Gone. They make an appealing duo. Gallagher guides listeners through each case's details. She has smart conversations with Flick. Her husband adds immense value to the show as a law enforcement officer. He shares his career knowledge in every episode. He comes in without prior knowledge of the case which adds an exciting element. It brings fresh, unhindered thought processes to the audience.

Victor J.R. Shoemaker, Jr. is the podcast's first case. This episode was a personal one for Gallagher. Shoemaker’s father used to work as the maintenance guy in her residential building. This touching story gives a glimpse into the depth and emotional nuance of every episode. The show chooses not to deal with cold, impersonal facts. And Then They Were Gone's episodes relate to the lives of the missing people.

Within the true crime scene, the And Then They Were Gone podcast has captured attention. The podcast boasts over 390k downloads–a clear sign of recognition by the audience. Rather than depending on dramatic narratives, the hosts rely on compelling storytelling. Their authentic empathy and knowledgeable talks set the show apart.

And Then They Were Gone is not a typical true crime podcast. It pays homage to those lost and emphasizes the issue of disappearances. Gallagher and Flick captivate listeners with touching stories. They also share insightful talks on their show. They focus on the tales of the lost, exactly where they should be. Fans of the series can listen to new episodes every week.

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Re-Release: Madalina Cojocari
Jun 28 2024
Re-Release: Madalina Cojocari
This is a re-release of our April 2023 episode on Madalina Cojocari. You can listen to our June 2024 update here.Imagine the abject fear a parent would experience after their 11-year-old child has been missing for over three weeks. No one has heard from her, no one has seen her. You’d be climbing the walls, right? Begging investigators and the public to help you find her? That’s what usually happens, but not in the case of Madalina Cojocari. Madalina went to school as normal on November 21, 2022, but she didn’t show up the next day. Or the day after that. Eventually, on December 12, a school resource officer from Bailey Middle School attempted a home visit and left a truancy packet. It wouldn’t be until December 15, over three weeks since her daughter was last seen, that her mother, Diana Cojocari admitted to school officials that she didn’t know where her daughter was. The Cornelius, North Carolina community has been frantically trying to find the missing little girl, while her parents sit in jail. Months have gone by, but no one is answering the question: where is Madalina Cojocari?Anyone with information about Madalina Cojocari is asked to call the Cornelius Police Department at 704-892-7773, or the FBI at 1-800-Call FBI.Cualquier persona que tenga información sobre Madalina Cojocari debe llamar al Departamento de Policía de Cornelius al 704-892-7773, o al FBI al 1-800-Call FBI.Buy the ebook! - And Then They Were Gone: True Stories of Those Who Went Missing and Never Came HomeSubmit a caseFind us everywhereGet episodes early and ad-free on PatreonMerch storeFor a full list of our sources, please visit our blogBecome a supporter of this podcast:
Kadin Black: Part 1
Apr 5 2024
Kadin Black: Part 1
2022 was a rough year for Kadin Black. The popular high school athlete had moved from Pennsylvania to Maryland with his mother, but had recently moved back to his father’s house in Pennsylvania so that he could be closer to his friends. The move, however, came with its own set of challenges. Fights at school led to him being expelled, and a fight with his father led to an arrest, a psychiatric hold, and needing to find a new place to live. Thankfully, the family of one of his childhood friends, the Fousts, agreed to take him in. The arrangement seemed to work out for everyone, and the Foust family, especially the father, Chris, helped Kadin get back on track. But then in December 2022, Kadin mysteriously vanished. It took several days for his parents to find out that their son was missing, and when they did, there were questions surrounding when he was last seen. In modern missing persons cases, there are usually plenty of theories to be found on social media, and Kadin’s case is certainly no exception. Did the young man leave on his own to avoid his upcoming trial? Did he harm himself? Did the Foust family, who graciously took him in, actually have something to do with his disappearance? We’ll be talking about all of this and more, as we dig into the story of Kadin Black.GoFundMe for a private investigator in Kadin Black's caseBuy the ebook! - And Then They Were Gone: True Stories of Those Who Went Missing and Never Came HomeFind us everywhereGet episodes early and ad-free on PatreonMerch storeFor a full list of our sources, please visit our blogBecome a supporter of this podcast: