Monte Proser's Copacabana: The Inside Story of New York’s Iconic, Gangster-Run, Star-Studded Nightclub

Stephanie Hoover Has That Story

Nov 17 2020 • 20 mins

* Includes an Exclusive Interview with the Legendary Singer Johnny Mathis *

It was “the” place to see and be seen. But it was too successful for Monte Proser’s own good.

Monte Proser was described as a “little guy who was practically brought up on Broadway.” He instinctively understood that patrons came to a nightclub for the show. And his finest creation was the Copacabana at 10 E. 60th Street in Manhattan.

A-List 1940s celebrities from Susan Hayward, to Bert Lahr, to Betty Grable wanted tables - and didn’t mind paying for them.

The Copa was a goldmine, and gangster Frank Costello took notice. Before he even knew what happened, Monte Proser was a bit player in his own greatest production.

This episode offers a fascinating look at the history of this iconic New York nightclub and includes an exclusive interview with legendary singer Johnny Mathis who performed there in the 1950s.

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