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Time For A New Model of Leadership with Sheila Eggert

Get Carried Away

Aug 30 2023 • 46 mins

Sheila is the found of Your Inner Circle Coaching, a 6 figure leadership and human potential company. As a certified leadership and transformation coach, Sheila has a passion for helping leaders embrace a new model of leadership with grace and ease that sets their personal wellbeing as the foundation to unleash levels of success they never thought possible.Combining over 35 years of experience developing leaders in Fortune 500 companies with neuroscience back mindfulness and mindset shifting practices, Sheila helps clients and companies make lasting, transformational change though one on one coaching and compelling workshops & webinars. She is a pioneer in bringing mindfulness based coaching and programs to the corporate environment. Sheila is a native New Yorker and raised her two adult daughters there, before moving to LA last summer. She is enjoying daily dog walks on the beach with her new place on the beach with her feisty little dachshund, Penny. Sheila is offering two FREE ways for listeners to start their path to grace & ease. Click the link to get started - Follow Sheila’s work at

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