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The Discipline in finance with Jessica Dawson

Get Carried Away

Jul 29 2023 • 40 mins

Jessica Dawson is a lifelong entrepreneur, life coach, and businesswoman who sees things the way they could be and makes a plan, sets goals, prioritizes, and executes to perfection. If you learn to love the lows, imagine what the highs are like. You made it into this world. Make the best of it. Love every second because it will change. Change is uncontrollable. Learn to love change. Jessica pushes herself harder than she ever had. She competes with herself from yesterday, and she knows she can do better. She loves talking about her projects, and projects just over the horizon. FISK is what her team and her focus on every day. They are going to complete FISK in the next few months! Her team, her current investors, and future clients are relying on Jessica and 55th Degree for the future of mobile tipping. Follow Jessica at and

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