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Three Must Have Skills to Pivot with Success and Ease

Get Carried Away

Oct 5 2022 • 36 mins

Many of us pivot at some point during our careers. That was especially true during the early days of the pandemic.

For years, Dr. Cindy Tsai studied in the world of medicine, learning so she could help patients recover and feel better. However, when Dr. Tsai got sick herself, she discovered there were better approaches to help patients, rather than with just prescriptions. As she says, "a quick fix isn't always a fix." Carrie talks with Dr. Tsai about the three pillars of success Dr. Tsai discovered on her journey to reinvent herself and her purpose.

Dr. Tsai also just held a big TEDx talk on integrative medicine and why it's so important to take an integrative approach to health and wellness. Watch it here:


We all like our comfort zone because it's comfortable. It can take courage to quit your job and pivot your career. Find out the signs to know of when you should take the jump into something new.

Calm, confidence, and curiosity: these are the three pillars of Dr. Tsai's "Inspiring Success Method." Hear how they can help you.

When things aren't working for us, we often focus on the problem. Listen to why that just perpetuates the negativity and the doubts you might have in your business.

Self-care and success go hand-in-hand. As Dr. Tsai explains, only when you are well can you do your most important work in life and share your gifts.

Money will flow if you put in the time and attention. Carrie and Dr. Tsai breakdown why people don't get positive results when they're working frantically.


Find Dr. Cindy Tsai's book, So Much Better: Life Changing Strategies, here:

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