Your Favorite Band Sucks

Your Favorite Band Sucks

Become a Paid Subscriber: Let’s review: there’s no good art and it’s a red flag for adults to have a favorite band. Naturally, most of you will disagree. That's fine. Just pretend it's a drinking game. An algorithm randomly assigns the band Mark & Tyler destroy in every episode. Start on one everybody knows is trash, like The Beatles. But soon you'll realize culture is a pyramid scheme and your favorite band is just the soundtrack to a fake vintage t-shirt. (Get Ad-Free Episodes Here: read less

Our Editor's Take

For many, music is a unifier across cultures. Musicians are ubiquitous parts of pop culture, but should they be? Your Favorite Band Sucks is a podcast with a mission to answer this question. Hosts Mark Mosley and Tyler Mahan Coe malign the world's most beloved bands. They put aside bands' celebrity status to give an honest evaluation of the music. Listeners may find that their favorite band isn't as talented as they think.

In each episode, Mark and Tyler give an honest analysis of a band that reached millions. Their mission is to bring down the mythos surrounding these fan favorites. Fervent fans of the band in question may take issue with Mark and Tyler's review in the episode. They have a blatant disregard for popular opinion. Maroon 5, Led Zeppelin, Phish, and Aerosmith get eviscerated here. But so do David Bowie (the show calls him a "con artist"), Joy Division, T. Rex, and BTS.

The hosts of the Your Favorite Band Sucks podcast are far from amateurs when it comes to music. The two hail from Nashville, one of the most music-centered cities in America. Mark is a concert promoter whose livelihood depends on having an ear for good music. Tyler is the son of famed country artist David Allen Coe. Together, they bring their inflammatory perspectives to the world's favorite musical acts.

This podcast has no place for mediocrity or complacency in music. Mark and Tyler challenge convention about what makes a band great. They push listeners to reconsider their long-held beliefs about the merit of these bands. The two have a fun dynamic that adds a humorous tone to the disparaging show. In addition to their uncensored criticism, they talk about the history of a band's rise to fame.

Listeners should prepare to have their favorite bands denounced. Your Favorite Band Sucks is the home of some of the most unpopular opinions about music. The show exposes the overlooked flaws in the most overrated bands. New episodes air twice a month and are 40-90 minutes long.

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