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Mindfully Integrative Podcast, Overall we are here to help highlight Inspirational & Successful people who have found mindful investor ways to help themselves achieve optimal integrative wellness. Mindfully Integrative is a podcast discussing all things with Mindfully incorporating Integrative Functional Health Into our lives with helping build mindful investor ways for more balance and wellness life. Weekly episodes every Friday. This podcast will have informative, fun topics, interviews, and discussions relating to bringing a more mindful perspective in a mind-body and integrative holistic health approach. Including- ( whole health, functional medicine, integrative health, spiritual Health financial health, mental health, lifestyle health, mindset shift, physical health, digital health, Nutrition, Gut health, sexual health, Body love, family health, pet health & business health, and life purpose much more. Dr. Damaris G. is an Integrative Doctor of Nurse Practice Family Nurse Practioner Mom, Veteran. BC Family Nurse Practioner & Holistic Integrative health, Studies Functional Medicine Social Media🔗Linked In- https://www.linkedin.com/in/damarisdnp/​Collab/Interview/Say Hi/Email Me at info@damarismaria.com Website- https://damarismaria.com/​Founder- Mindful Integrative Healthcare https://mindfulcomforts.com/​Office Text/Call-732-355-3469J ENJOY our Shop Merch-http://tee.pub/lic/JAsiMkghrBgch-
Mindful Chat with Dr. Jess Bell  DO Energetic Osteopathy
Jess Bell, D.O., is an Osteopathic Physician – board-certified in both Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine – and Energy Healer. She is also the founder of Energetic Osteopathy™, which is a powerful modality that bridges traditional osteopathic treatment and energy medicine.As an osteopathic physician with over twenty years of hands-on treatment experience, Dr. Jess “sees” into the body with great clarity. This inner sight allows for the transformational release of even the most difficult to locate energetic densities out of the physical body, returning the body to health and wholeness. Her practice focuses on teaching others how to understand and then heal their body from the inside out, clearing dense energies and catalyzing healing at the root level.About Jess  I’ve always known of my calling to be a doctor. As a four-year-old in preschool, I would collect all the band-aids in the medicine cabinet from my house, bring them to school and use them to “repair” wounds on my schoolmates. That was the first “medical clinic” of my memory.  I told my teachers I was healing them because I was going to be a doctor.The calling to become a doctor remained a constant knowing throughout all my years of schooling.I became an osteopathic physician in my early twenties and a pain management specialist in my early thirties. Working with pain, I identified my patients needed more than what the medical world alone could offer. Over time, I became aware of a much greater source of healing than I had learned about through my training and education. Traditional medicine, including osteopathy, does not incorporate a process of self-healing, self-actualization and self-illumination. I knew this was a missing piece to fully embody healing.Early into the Covid-19 pandemic, I stepped fully into my true soul purpose when I received guidance to work entirely in a distance setting. At first, I was hesitant and did not believe that osteopathic treatment and healing I offered could translate into a distance setting. The moment I offered my first energetic osteopathic healing session, I witnessed a realm of healing I had only heard about but entirely believed to be true. The sessions became even more effective and transformative. Chronic pain and trauma that previously took many months, even years to resolve in my clinical practice were dissolving, transmuting and released within the first one to three healing sessions. As an energy healer and osteopathic physician, I integrate and bridge the worlds of modern medicine with the energetic fields,offering root-level healing in its most complete form.I offer you the felt experience of moving from pain, density and heaviness into a fluid, light-filled, expanded being. This approach guides you to take part in your healing process, allowing for healing that is ongoing.I help people who are looking to heal at the root level, the impaired connections to divine source energy, by working intimately within the body temple which offers the broadcast for the underlying energetic distortion.Unlike the traditional osteopathic practitioner, I illuminate, transform, and transmute the energetic root cause of all distortions or dis-eases presenting in the body, by rooting all the way down to its divine source. I offer you a collaborative healing experience, empowering you to take an active role in your healing process.Using energetic osteopathy, I catalyze healing within the body, by finding energetic densities that are contained within the tissues, organs, and bones of the physical body. Following this catalyzed healing experi Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/MINDFULLYINTEGRATIVE)
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Mindful Public Health- Cervical Cancer Awareness Month ( January )Mindful Breathing Techniques Series: Pranayama Siltali Cooling breathMindful Chat with Chakra Doctor Reverand Rance DunbarMindful Lecture : Power thinker  for Powerful LivingBONUS EPISODE  Mindfully M3 MISTRESSES OF THE MENOPAUSAL MIND with Jessica
NEW YOU NEW Mistress of The Menopausal Mind MISTRESSES OF THE MENOPAUSAL MINDJAN-MAY 2022An irreverent five-month mastermind and inclusive community led by a team of expert speakers from the health and wellness field. Designed for women, femmes, nonbinary, intersex, and trans folx looking to explore hormonal changes through the lens of curiosity, joy, humor, and solidarity. TRANSITIONING FROM BEING A BLEEDER TO A HEATER SUCKS...But you don't need to go through it alone!This is a group coaching program and inclusive community designed for anyone who has stopped or is starting to stop bleeding whether it be due to biological, surgical, or chemical means. Led by a team of expert speakers from the health and wellness fields, this is a space to work through concerns and challenges with the guidance of a supportive community. Monthly speakers will cover topics such as healing modalities, medications, human design, and menopausal money matters, whilst a dedicated community space and live workshops provide space for Q&As and sharing.🌟 You are on the journey of menopause. 🌟 You have stopped bleeding due to surgical, biological, or chemical means.🌟 You’ve had a hysterectomy, you are taking hormone suppressing medication, etc. 🌟 You are experiencing perimenopause,  through post Menopause or that time after menstruation stops.🌈 Note that there are no age or gender barriers here: some people start experiencing perimenopause in their mid 30s others go through chemical or surgical hormonal changes even earlier. We also gladly welcome non-binary and trans members! Erotic & Womens Health Coach https://www.privatepartsofwellness.com/home Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/MINDFULLYINTEGRATIVE)
Dec 31 2021
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Happy Holidays Mental Health Crisis Hotline, Text a Friend,family & Vets4warriorsMindful Chat with Clint Davis Army Veteran - Marriage & Family Counselor
Dec 23 2021
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Wellness Wednesday Healthy Holiday TipsMindful Breathing Series :Pranayama Complete BreathMindful Chat Jonathan Mcleron Freedom CoachMindful Chat with Niki Lawrie Functional Nutrition Specialist
Hi, my name is Nika Lawrie, and I’m on a personal mission to heal people and the planet!I’m a Functional Nutrition Specialist, Conscious Living Advocate, and Founder and CEO of Moringa Health + Wellness and Moringa Clean Apothecary.I’ve watched people needlessly suffer from chronic diseases for far too long, and the planet die off in front of us from climate change and careless acts… so I’ve dedicated my life to helping people heal their bodies through nutritional, behavioral, and conscious living strategies that can also have a profound impact on reducing climate change and improving global sustainability.Simply put Metabolic Syndrome and Climate Change are front and center in humanity’s fight for survival and are completely intertwined with each other.You cannot fix your health without fixing your diet and lifestyle. You cannot fix your diet and lifestyle without fixing the type of food and lifestyle products you purchase. You cannot fix your food and lifestyle products without fixing how we treat the planet. You cannot fix how we treat the planet without getting educated on what’s REALLY going on with our food and lifestyle products.Through different organizations, companies, and digital channels I’m working to bring light to the importance of Living Consciously and the importance of diet and lifestyle modification. By distributing honest health-forward messaging, championing sustainability, and validating trustworthy products I hope to make a lasting impact for my generation, my daughter’s generation, and generations to come. https://nikalawrie.com/https://moringahealthandwellness.com/https://moringacleanapothecary.com/All social media can be either @nikalawrie or @moringahealthwellness Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/MINDFULLYINTEGRATIVE)
Dec 10 2021
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Mindful Public Health  Tips Handwashing AwarenessMindful Breathing Techniques Series: Pranayama  Kalabhati Breathing WarmingMindful Chat with Kelly Wenner Faith Fitness Ministry -Soulstrength Fit & Kids,Mindful Chat with Evan Herrman Pastor- Whole Person PodcastMindful Public Health Alzheimers Awareness  (Linked as Type 3 Diabetes  )Mindful Chat with Paulishia Augillard -Polly Clincal ServiceMindful Public Health  Pancreatic Cancer Awareness MonthMindful Chat with Verna Haywood La Vie Wellness