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The Collective

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New hip-hop from Asian artists. Cover: MC Jin


1Stop The Hatred2Rent Free ft. Jeff Bernat (Amazon Original) 3TGFY (Thank God For You) [feat. Jimmy & Malloy James]4The Point (feat. DJ Zo)5Dittybop (feat. Rocky G, Kiwi & Ruby Ibarra) 6Black Air Force 1 7damn Right 8Sydney 9Young & Humble 10Do Your Thing (feat. Karencici & Masiwei) 11Gargoyles (feat. Tish Hyman) 12pots n' pans 13MISSION 14Burn15JEWELZ 16No Parachute 17Back to the Streets (feat. Jhené Aiko) 18THAT'S ON YOU! 19GOOD NIGHT ROPPONGI (feat. P-Lo) 20Mami21Bape Closet (feat. Chow Mane, Johnny Hikari) 22omomo punk 23Model Minority24Gold25We Belong '21 (feat. Ann One) 26Lingo 27Outsider 28Last Song29Look At Me Now 30Risky (feat. Drakeo the Ruler) 31Wu-Tang Type Beats 32Why33Serena 34Boppin 35I Don't Want Peace 36N.R.I. 37Lemon Squeeze 38Big Dragon 39IDKWGO 40Wegun Is My DJ41Anime Shawty, Vol. 2 42So Pretty 43Rider44Green Tea & Henny (with Sawhee) 45Immaculate46Back From 047Chicken Adobo 48Young Adult Fiction 49Boomerang 50Let's Be Honest 51Gimme The Keys 52Dance Like Jay Park Remix 53Quarantine (feat. AXELBLOODYAXEL) 54No Lie 55Jiwa Pusing56Opinions57ANTI 58yellow fever (feat. Ramengvrl & YAYOI DAIMON) 59Krayola 60A Thousand Cuts (Single)61Jackie Faye Adventures (feat. Chow Mane) 62Loco63DDDD Freestyle 64Empire65Clean (feat. B-Boy Fidget)