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Curated by Amazon Music

A soundtrack collection of the world's biggest video games.


1UNDEFEATED2The Bridge3The City of Progress4A Bicentennial5The Firelights6The Concerto7Entering the Zone8Magus Dream9Libertad10El Presidente11Floating Dream12Comforting Memories13An Ordinary Day14Spoopy15Chills16Embark17A New World18Tides of War19The Angry Earth20Old World Memories21Aeternum22vs. YINU (Funk Fiction Remix)23vs. SAYU (RoboRob Remix)24Highways25Car Go Fast26Reach For The Stars (Re-Colors)27Tropical Resort - Act 1 (Remix)28Sweet Mountain - Act 1 (Remix)29Into Shadow30The River31Echoes of the Eye32Inazuma33Overlord of the Thunderstorm34Sturm und Drang (Main menu)35Oneself (Opening)36Coven - 202137Viego, the Ruined King38Letter from Bluewater Man39faraway40two of us41EVER RAIN42Issyo ni utaou!43Shinkei44Not Bad Afternoon45Main Theme of Fantasian46Kina (Destiny)47In Circles48Fate of Demacia49Gears Keep Turning50Through Gates of Flame51Memories of the Marsh52Corrupted Dreams53Encore54Volkath’s Determination55Flip the World56Melody of Tomorrow (Liliana Theme Song)57Hidden Village Itoise –Promises in the Snow–58Stifling Song –Melina's Full Version–59Alphecca –Prayer of the Gyre Melody–60The Path of Memories –Cradle of Time–61ARK Genesis Part Two Main Theme62Corrupted Master Controller63Lunar64Coral Rise65O166A Brand New Day67Kamura's Song of Purification: Japanese68Proof of a Hero: Rise Version69Brave Hunters70Canaid Lia Fáil (feat. Julie Fowlis)71Flann for Éirinn, The Coronation (feat. Julie Fowlis)72Apex Legends: Main Theme73You Are The Jumpmaster74Yearning for Dark Shadows75Descent into the Village76Gwen, the Hallowed Seamstress77Watch Me Now78The Devourer79Ashita Eno Kiseki80Ai No Uta81To the Future.82Once Again Onward Into the Light: An Overture83The Bell of Battle Tolls Again84旅立ちの扉85Monster Hunter Riders 結ばれし者達へ86Bitter End87Collapsing (feat. Björn "Speed" Strid)88Not I89Reckoning Main Theme90The Age of Arcana91FFVII REMAKE: One-Winged Angel - Rebirth92FFVII REMAKE: Let the Battles Begin! - Ex-SOLDIER93CPU Plaza94That's The Way To Do It95Ponpon Shit