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Positive Vibras

Curated by Amazon's Music Experts

Inspiring tunes sprinkled with sabor Latino.


1Opposite2Joy In The Morning3Cross Your Mind (feat. Willow Stephens)4You Loved Me First5LEÓN (LION)6El día en que la muerte murió (Amazon Original)7Reborn (Acoustic)8If You Only Knew!9Sueños10Thank God I Do11X MI12Conmigo13Be My Shalom (Bilingual) [feat. Meredith Andrews]14Shoot From the Hip15Cuando Hay Amor16Nino Brown17More Than Able18Blessings19So Good (Cuán Bueno)20Mi Salvador21Júbilo / Jubilee (Amazon Original)22Crazy Love (Bilingual Version)23Indescribable [feat. Un Corazón & WHATUPRG]24War Cry [feat. Tauren Wells]25Grace To Grace (Staring Out Into The Old City) (Live) [feat. Joel Houston]26Agradecido27Warriors28Where Would I Be29Muerte Segura30Game Over31I Ain't Done32La Batalla33No Chains34Yo Te Bendeciré35La Bendición (Bilingual) [feat. CRYS]36Paraiso37Not A Monster (Spanish Remix)38Sin Tu Amor39Wesside40Luz y Sal (feat. Edward Sanchez)41Lo Harás Otra Vez (Do It Again)42Solo Dios Sabe (God Only Knows)43Your Love44Glorioso Día45Into The Night [feat. Chris Batson]46Glow47Cristo Es Necesario48God Song49Spirit of the Living God (Bilingual Version)50Come What May