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Best of Queens of the Stone Age

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Warning: this playlist is extraordinarily heavy and may contain maximum riffage.


1No One Knows2Little Sister3Go With The Flow4I Sat by the Ocean5The Way You Used To Do63's & 7's (Album Version)7My God Is the Sun8Feel Good Hit Of The Summer9Regular John10I Appear Missing11Song For The Dead12The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret13Burn The Witch14If Only15First It Giveth16Make It Wit Chu17Smooth Sailing18I Think I Lost My Headache19Sick, Sick, Sick (Album Version)20You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire21If I Had a Tail22In My Head (Album Version)23Avon24The Vampyre of Time and Memory25The Evil Has Landed26Never Say Never (Non-LP Version)27Hanging Tree28Someone's In The Wolf (Album Version)29Better Living Through Chemistry30Mexicola31Song For The Deaf32I Never Came (Album Version)33Monsters In The Parasol34The Sky Is Fallin'35How to Handle a Rope (A Lesson in the Lariat)36In The Fade/Feel Good Hit Of The Summer (Reprise)37Mosquito Song38Skin On Skin (Album Version)39Auto Pilot40Into The Hollow (Album Version)