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Life-changing beats guaranteed to renew your soul. Cover: Miles Minnick


1God Ain't Done2Free3GOD IS GOOD4God Problems (Not By Power) [feat. Miles Minnick]5SEND THAT6Shadowboxing7loved!8Jesus loves you.9Feels To Be Free10Who I Am11i knw.12Tinted Windows13OOWEE14Read It and Weep15ALL THE TIME16Made Me Better17Don’t Miss Heaven18One Day19COACH20I'm Tired21War22Eternal (feat. Marty)23Worth More Than Rubies24SLIP25Tables Turned26It's About Time (Free)27BaChaTa28Pressure29I Still Believe30Willie Beamen31Favorite Trapper32Clarity33Buried Alive34Nothing But The Blood35I Love It36Stay Low (Remix)37Mountains pt. 238Light39Necessary Endings40This Time Last Year41ten thousand hours. (feat. Kushim & KEMVR)42GOD DON'T LIE43WAIT ON HIM44Kinna Wanna45Testimony46Flip That47It Ain't Safe48Dirty Floors49No Magic50Loud51Better Days52PRAISE!53F.O.F.54NOPE55COUNT 'EM (REMIX)56Hymn57STILL HOLY58IYKYK59Stand By Me60Too Much61PRAISE62They Wanna Know63Young Forever (Remix)64Yeshua65Heist66Back Home67Major Pain68RICH69Tell Me Why70SBTN71What Army72Uh Huh73Yahweh74Love Like That75Love it All (feat. Dia Day & Dedani)76Mercy77Believer78God Changed My Life79God's Eyes80Stuck In My Head81VICIOUS CYCLE [feat. Rylo Rodriguez]82Blessing83Count Me Out84On Fire85NO WEAPON (REMIX)862BIG!87I Got Time Today88Broken Pieces89BIG GOD90God Made A Way91Old Ways92Resurgence93Made 4 Dis94Strangers95GRITTY CITY96WALK97Press On (From "Bad Things Happen In Philadelphia")98PAY RESPECTS99MMA FREESTYLE100BOSSA NOVA101UH HUH102Keep Going High103Glory 2 Glory104Lord Knows105Dance Anyway106Grace and Glory107Blessings108Bend The Whip109Higher110Vibrations111PANDEMONIUM112CECE113NO FRIENDS114Third Day115LOTTO116STEPPIN