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Modern Disney Classics

Curated by Amazon's Music Experts

Some of our favorite Disney classics from the late '80s to today.


1Part of Your World (From "The Little Mermaid" / Soundtrack Version)2Let It Go (From "Frozen"/Soundtrack Version)3Be Our Guest (From "Beauty and the Beast"/Soundtrack)4Friend Like Me5How Far I'll Go6Hakuna Matata (From "The Lion King"/Soundtrack)7A Whole New World8You've Got a Friend in Me (From "Toy Story"/Soundtrack Version)9Remember Me (Ernesto de la Cruz)10Reflection (From "Mulan" / Soundtrack Version)11Colors of the Wind (From "Pocahontas" / Soundtrack Version)12What's This?13If I Didn't Have You14When She Loved Me (From "Toy Story 2" / Soundtrack Version)15Almost There (From ''The Princess And The Frog'')16When Will My Life Begin? (From "Tangled" / Soundtrack Version)17Gaston18Into the Unknown19Out There (From "The Hunchback of Notre Dame"/Soundtrack)20I Won't Say (I'm In Love)21Someone's Waiting for You (From "The Rescuers"/Soundtrack Version)22Try Everything23We Belong Together (From "Toy Story 3"/Soundtrack)24Touch The Sky (From "Brave"/Soundtrack)25Once Upon a Dream (From "Maleficent" / Pop Version)26Strong27Nobody Else But You28My Name Is James (From "James and the Giant Peach" / Soundtrack Version)29Trust in Me30The Time Of Your Life (From "A Bug's Life"/Score)31Snuff Out the Light (Yzma's Song)32Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride (From  "Lilo & Stitch"/Soundtrack Version)33Just Like Fire (From the Original Motion Picture "Alice Through The Looking Glass")34Life is a Highway35You Might Think (From "Cars 2"/Soundtrack Version)36When Can I See You Again? (From "Wreck-It Ralph"/Soundtrack Version)37Immortals