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Curated by Amazon’s Music Experts and Updated Fridays

A fresh mix of tomorrow's hits and hit makers. Cover: AUDREY NUNA


1the lifeboat's empty!2Boys Don't Cry3changes4We Don't Have To Die5Picture Myself6Levels7Out of Time8In Your Arms (For An Angel)9Sooner Or Later10Joy11Alien12WISH U HELL13Romeo14New Moon15Shinigami Eyes16Brave17Unreplaceable18Circles Around This Town19Real Thing (feat. Tori Kelly)20For Tonight21I'll Never Not Love You22Melody23Memory24KEEP IT UP25WYD Now?26Nothing Holy27Hold Me Down28all my ghosts29On My Shoulders30Kiss My Scars31Running32i think i wanna text u33Love for a Minute34All Night (feat. Trippie Redd)35Pretty36Keeping The Light On37A Dangerous Thing38Bella39Is There Someone Else?40Living My Best Life41Iffy42Wait43Mon Soleil (from "Emily in Paris" Soundtrack)44Need You Tonight [feat. RAY BLK]45Butterflies (feat. FLETCHER)46Cheers47Sweet Talker48Bad Little Thing (feat. Kali)49Whiskey Sour50Head on Fire51You're Not Harry Styles52You53Lose My Number54Where Are You Now  (Acoustic)55Enemy (from the series Arcane League of Legends)56Cherry57Delorean58Blank Me59Cowboys Don’t Cry60Fuck Your Labels61Snow62Best Days [feat. Pentatonix]63Love Myself64I Love You So65jealousy (feat. rema)66Who You Are67plug my ears68Back To You69God Must Hate Me70Sunroof71Hands On You7291173The Outsider74The New Me75Poison76Miserable Man77I Wanna Run Away78People disappear here79Fear Of Dying80Empty Bottles (feat. MOD SUN) [Stripped]81What Did I Do?82drunk text me83Never A Good Time84Haunted House85Hurricane (Acoustic Version)86Happy Loner87Between Us88Alone Together89Go It Alone (From Rumble)90GO TO HELL91Midnight River (feat. 6LACK)92stable life93Strangers94skip curfew95Story Of My Life (feat. Trippie Redd)96201197Broken In All The Right Places98Life's Too Short99love is just a word100You'll Get Yours (feat. X Ambassadors)