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Breakthrough Country

Curated by Amazon's Music Experts and Updated Fridays

Stay in the know with this playlist full of emerging country artists. Cover: Megan Moroney


1Fix You Too2Tell Me Tennessee3Cowboy4Muddy Water Rockstar5Where's That Girl6Tim + Faith7Dirt Roads And Jesus8I Got A Problem9Hated Myself10Prettiest Thing11Hello From The Road12Weekend You13Speaking of Georgia14Making It Up As I Go15Little Less Lonely16Heartbroken17Country Girls (Just Wanna Have Fun)18Devil Wears Denim19Things I Take For Granted20Always You21Right in the Middle of It22WORTH ITS WEIGHT IN GOLD23Taking My Time24Livin on a Little25Miranda26Friends27Hometowns Don't28Luke Combs29Map Dot Missing You30The Day That I'm Over You31Whiskey Train32Melt33Then There's You34Made Me35The Reason I Stay36Never Give Up On A Good Time37Burns Like Her38Easy39I Wouldn’t Blame You40Daughter of a Gun41Two of Us42Feel Like Home43Honey I Lost My Job Today44Jesus in a Bar45Die A Redneck46'Til She’s Gone47One On The Way48Easy On A Heart49Dandelions50Red Clay Summer51Find Another Bar52Loud Music53Fall In Love With Me54Don't Sit Right55Neon Dreamin'56In Walked You57Heart to Break58Carolina Burns59Don't Make Me Get Over You60Life's Too Short61I’M SO LONESOME I COULD CRY62Shakin' In My Boots63Mind On You64You Better Run, Son65Promiseland66Lipstick on You67Let It Flow (feat. Hailey Whitters)68Hopeless69I Don't Think That I Could Love You70One That Got Away71Day In The 90's72Don't Pray for Me73Ain't Doin' Jack74Livin' Ain't Killed Me Yet75FORD VS CHEVY76Alma Mater77Her To Here78Shoebox Money79Down In My Hometown80Send You The Bill81“All I Need To See” (Radio Edit)82I Don't Dance83Broadway Cowboy84The Honeymoon85I Got Paid86No You Didn't87This Side of the Dirt88patches89Never Again One More Time90Sleeping With Her91Roll Tide Roll92Been Missing You93Pack My Hometown94Ain't About You9523 Days In L.A.96I Know A Guy97Where the Wild Things Are98Best Friend99Whatcha Say We Don't100Product Of101Jesus, My Mama, My Therapist102When I Grow Up103Lonely In This Town