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An Awful Christmas and A Lousy New Year
$16.72 • Audio CD

Product Description

Swamp Dogg has done it again! His first holiday album, chock full of great original songs, rock 'n' rolling r 'n' b with hints of country and funk, as only he can do. He is the grandmaster of his own exclusive genre; southern r 'n' b funk. Swamp originally wrote the title song for Otis Redding in 1966. Otis liked it but never got to record it. The performance of it on this CD is very similar to what Swamp (Little Jerry Williams at that time) had suggested and imagined to Otis. Being diehard fans of South Park, Swamp and his wife Beverly wrote Santa's Just A Happy Fat Fart with Eric Cartman and Terrence & Phillips in mind. S P fans will know why immediately.

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