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Escape The Fate
$24.99 • Audio CD

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Craig Mabbitt - Vocals
Max Green - Bass
Monte Money - Guitar
Robert Ortiz - Drums

Escape The Fate is out for blood. On their self-titled third album, the Las Vegas quartet rips, ravages and rocks like never before. Due out November 2, 2010 via the band's new home of DGC/Interscope Records, Escape The Fate explodes on impact from the very first chord until the final battering crescendo. "Massacre" flips like a switchblade from Bryan "Monte" Money's calculated shredding to Craig Mabbitt's hypnotic vocals. During the first single "Issues," Max Green's bass rumbles with a genuine thunder as an arena-ready hook rises to the forefront. Staggering beats from Robert Ortiz fuel the undead shimmy and shake of "Zombie Dance" as Craig announces what will be a battle cry for this generation--"We're already dead." However, Escape The Fate is more alive now than ever and they're coming to take rock 'n' roll back. Escape The Fate has been on that killing road since they formed in 2004. While signed to Epitaph, the band released two massively successful albums-- Dying Is Your Latest Fashion [2006] and This War Is Ours [2008]--and they sold in excess of 350,000 copies worldwide in the process. They also toured with everyone from Bullet For My Valentine to Hollywood Undead, playing anywhere and everywhere there was a stage. As soon as they finished This War Is Ours , they began crafting their latest offering. Whether they were writing on the road or during short stints at home, the band was devoutly focused on the songs that would become Escape The Fate.

They recorded Escape The Fate with legendary producer Don Gilmore [Linkin Park, Bullet for My Valentine] in Spring 2010 at NRG and Pan Am Studios in Los Angeles. Don had been a fan of the band and he was the perfect person to help them realize their vision to the fullest.

Max reveals, "Don believed in every single song, and we put a lot of love, attention and focus into each note from front to back. He gave guidance, but he allowed us to do our thing. There's character and attitude to this record; it's not mechanical in the slightest. You can hear and feel emotion rising and falling. The album takes you on a ride."

For the past six years, the band has been on a ride all their own. They cultivated a diehard following from constantly touring and never failing to put on an unforgettable show. Interscope was so blown away by their sound and stage presence that they signed Escape the Fate in early 2010. Escape The Fate wields that on-stage fire that the band is known for, and it formally announces their arrival as a hard rock contender.

"We feel like this is our first real record," declares Craig. "There were always so many styles in our music, but we bring them all together here. We wanted to get a little darker this time around too." The band definitely got a lot darker on "Massacre." With an industrial grind and precise thrash guitars, "Massacre" engages full sensory destruction. The song officially hit the internet in August, and it received a flurry of attention from the second the band released the initial snippet via their MySpace page. It'll resonate with the fans because the band holds nothing back, and Craig confronts demons head on. He explains, "We want to bring back that dark heavy arena rock sound." The song shows how insanely intricate Escape The Fate can be. Monte adds, "I was watching the first zombie scene in Resident Evil and that inspired me to write a twisted riff that sounded panicky. That lick kicks everything off."

The band has fully fleshed out their unique style with flourishes of electronics and a metallic crunch. "There's no subtlety with us," says Robert. "We go balls-to-the-wall in every aspect of our lives. We've finally found our sound. It examines every emotion from anger to anxiety to happiness. This album will make you feel something."

Escape The Fate's first official single, "Issues" is a massive anthem full of attitude. "That song sums up our mindset right now," Max exclaims. "From the very beginning, we never had any rules or set boundaries. We played what we wanted to play. If it sounded good to us, we did it. We are rock stars, we're entertainers, and we're bringing that attitude back." Robert sums it up best, "A song is a hit when it makes you move, feel and sing."

"Issues" will do all of those every time you hear it. However, it doesn't stop there. Songs like "Zombie Dance" and "Gorgeous Nightmare" execute a precise stomp that's palatable and powerful. Then there's "World Around Me" which is an elegiac and entrancing ballad that illuminates how diverse these four individuals really are. Monte continues, "We wanted the record to resemble a Tim Burton movie. It's a dark fantasy in its own right and we put our spin on rock music."

Fans will really get the opportunity to experience this album firsthand live. Escape the Fate has all kinds of surprises in store when they hit the road for a nearly never-ending touring cycle behind this new record.

Craig continues, "There are a lot of bands that don't put on a show anymore. We want to be really theatrical and give people what they're paying for. If they're buying a ticket to our show, we're going to make sure that fans walk out and say, 'Jesus what the f**k happened?' That's our goal." Keeping in line with their Las Vegas roots, they're going to put on a show anytime they're in front of a crowd. Ultimately though, Escape The Fate will pull listeners in with these new songs. "I want fans to get sucked into our world," says Craig. "If you're having a shitty day, you can pop in the album, and there's a track to help you out. If you want to go out and have a good time, there's a track for that. We want to be a part of people's lives. We want to be the soundtrack to your day. At this point in my life, I've said everything I wanted to say on this album." Monte leaves off. "There are no more questions about who we are. This album is us, through and through. Every member has grown, and we're waving our flag. Welcome to f**king Escape The Fate." Escape The Fate want blood and they'll get it with this record.

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