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WSJ Your Money Briefing

The Wall Street Journal

Your Money Briefing is your personal-finance and career checklist, with the news that affects your money and what you do with it. From spending and saving to investing and taxes, the Wall Street Journal’s finance reporters and experts break down complicated money questions every weekday to help you make better decisions about managing your money. Hosted by J.R. Whalen. read less

Our Editor's Take

When it comes to making informed money decisions, the news cycle can be an overwhelming resource. That's why podcasts like WSJ Your Money Briefing podcast are so important. They share informed perspectives and advice where it's needed most. This podcast from The Wall Street Journal is about making financial decisions based on reliable information.

There is no shortage of news podcasts, from business news to tech news briefings. What makes this podcast different is the journalistic integrity behind it. The Wall Street Journal has been a trusted business news source since 1889. Hosting this podcast is WSJ reporter and podcast producer J.R. Whalen. He is also the producer and host of the podcast WSJ Minute Briefing.

The WSJ Your Money Briefing podcast helps listeners avoid making impulsive money moves. They will get advice on avoiding junk fees as well as help understand the job market puzzle. In some episodes, they hear from personal finance reporter Ashlea Ebeling. Ashlea shares her insight on the importance of hiring a tax pro. She explains how this can affect the outcome of an overall tax bill and tax refund. One episode explains why many married couples file taxes and property bills separately. If taxes aren't interesting for listeners, other episodes about the rental market, Dow Jones, and layoffs might be.

Becoming and remaining literate in finances doesn't have to be complex. With this podcast, listeners can rely on the expertise of WSJ to simplify and help them stay informed. They can learn how to spot a stock rally and stay informed on the financial implications of the pandemic. New episodes are available every weekday and are shorter than 10 minutes.

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