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What's News brings you the biggest news of the day, from business and finance to global and political developments that move markets. Get caught up in minutes twice a day on weekdays, then take a step back with our What’s News in Markets wrap-up on Saturday and our What’s News Sunday deep dive. read less

Our Editor's Take

It's not often a podcast is published this frequently. With ten episodes each week, What's News is a podcast from The Wall Street Journal that keeps pace with the latest news around the globe. The world moves fast and this news podcast keeps up. The Wall Street Journal is a respected publication known for detailed reporting. Staying aware of global events is challenging and time-consuming. Thankfully, this podcast solves both of those problems for listeners.

Staying in the loop about market movements and worldwide headlines is a full-time effort. It's impossible to stay informed without consistent updates. This podcast gives listeners an excellent and simple way to follow the news during the day. The What's News podcast from The Wall Street Journal is an easy choice for anyone wanting critical news, fast.

With two updates every weekday, this WSJ podcast is a rapid-fire collection of the most recent headlines. Each episode provides breakdowns of fresh headlines that include financial, political, international, and economic news.

Joining Annmarie and Luke on the podcast are reporters with exclusive insights. These guests are often the journalists who researched the stories, making them a tremendous addition to the show. What's News often delivers information straight from the source.

This is a podcast for those who want a concise look at brand new headlines. It's streamlined, informative, and direct. For those who want unbiased reporting on a daily basis, What's News is a quick, helpful podcast. News podcast listeners should consider What's News a required resource.

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