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Diss and Tell


Most celebrity feuds start with a diss. But what happens between that first diss and the scandalous story that hits the internet? From Wondery, this is Diss and Tell, a weekly podcast that unpacks the most iconic celebrity feuds in pop culture history. We explore the juicy rumors, the explosive accusations, the conflicting opinions and tell it all. Comedians and hosts Sydney Battle and Matt Bellassai get the gossip and register the receipts. Getting to the bottom of the drama is our true calling.

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Our Editor's Take

The Diss and Tell podcast is about those pop culture moments everyone is talking about. This cheeky podcast is a mix of pop culture commentary and critique. The hosts talk about celebrity feuds and fights. As part of that, they address movie flops, celebrity feuds, and failed TV show remakes. Everything from Chevy Chase to the Cats movie gets discussed here. Why won't Kim Cattrall be a regular on And Just Like That? What's going on with Vin Diesel and The Rock? This show has the answers.

Hosts Sydney Battle and Matt Bellassai are master commentators and pop culture experts. Their recapping and critiquing skills on the podcast are commendable. Sydney is a writer, actor, and performer who has appeared in Off-Broadway shows. Her acting credits include Indian Head and The Maid's Tragedy. Matt is a comedian and writer who starred in Whine About It, a BuzzFeed web series. Millions of people tuned in weekly to watch him drinking wine and complaining. He hosts another web series, To Be Honest, and a podcast called Unhappy Hour.

Diss and Tell is all entertainment all the time. The hosts have great chemistry and banter. No one is safe from Matt and Sydney's wit and sarcasm—not Elon Musk, the Kardashians, or Paris Hilton. Anyone doing anything noteworthy or scandalous gets a showcase on the podcast. In one episode, they discuss the years-long feud between Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell. They play a clip of Tyra's candid interview with Naomi on The Tyra Banks Show. Afterward, they explore that interview and the frosty relationship between the supermodels.

Another episode details Chris Rock's standup special, Bring The Pain. They contrast the parenting style Chris talked about in the special with Will Smith's. The duo also discuss Will slapping Chris at the Oscars. Of course, Jada Pinkett-Smith also comes up on the podcast as a result.

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