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Business Movers


Behind every successful business is a story. It starts with a vision and a leap of faith. Along the way, leaders make bold decisions, ride booms and busts, and sometimes, they reach new heights. From Wondery, the makers of the hit series Business Wars, and Lindsay Graham, the host of American History Tellers and American Scandal, comes a weekly podcast that brings you the true stories of the brilliant but all-too-human businesspeople who risked it all. From Walt Disney’s creation of a theme park in Orlando, to the colossal failure of New Coke, Business Movers will explore the triumphs, failures and ideas that transformed our lives.

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Our Editor's Take

Believe it or not, failure is essential to success, and it's all part of the business world. Hardly anyone gets it right on the first try. Success follows a long string of frustrating misses. That is what the Business Movers podcast is here to show. Business Movers tells the sad tales of companies that fell from staggering heights. And it describes the triumphs of the most outstanding business wins in history.

Host Lindsay Graham also brought you American History Tellers and Wicked Game. Here, he shares the stories of history's most notable companies. He will help answer big questions like "What makes a business brilliant?" and "What brings a giant corporation down?" Business Movers tackles it all with relevant insights from influential companies.

Listeners will learn about the most significant leaps of faith in the business world. They will hear about the most brutal falls from the top. And they will learn about the crucial decisions that made legendary businesses take off. This podcast also is full of shocks, knowledge, lessons, and leering. Some companies fell so hard that they never recovered. Hear why. Business Movers is where to find the most significant stories in the annals of business history.

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