Call Her Daddy

Alex Cooper

The most-listened to podcast by women. Alex Cooper’s Call Her Daddy has been creating conversation since 2018. Cooper cuts through the BS with topics and guests - asking the burning questions you want the answers to. There will be laughter, there will be tears. There will be everything in between. New episodes drop on Wednesday and Sunday. Want more? Join the Daddy Gang @callherdaddy read less

Our Editor's Take

Call Her Daddy has gained a massive following through podcast host Alex Cooper's open, tell-all style around dating, sex, sexuality, mental health, and personal care. Notoriously unafraid of being vulnerable, her anything-goes interviews garnered tremendous success at Barstool, where she became a trending sensation and an immediate social media icon.

Whether hosting the ultimate celebrity guest or sailing the ship herself, Cooper lends an air of cool candidness to traditionally hush-hush topics. Cooper has no filter, and that's the way she likes it. She shares everything from professional contracts to who is sliding into her DMs. But despite the shock value of her specific content, there's also room for more bitter notes—the struggles of infidelity and break-ups, body image issues, and the ups-and-downs of modern life on social media.

Cooper is nothing short of a hilariously entertaining, intelligent, take-charge host who seeks to start an open discussion amongst young women. From sprawling tangents to actionable advice, she brings a bright, loud, comedic flair to every moment. Cooper's content has become so popular that she's garnered her cult following, affectionately named the "Daddy Gang." Made up of young, Cooper-crazed fans, the Daddy Gang has praised Cooper's profile to iconic new heights.

Designed for both the weekly subscriber and the one-off listener, Call Her Daddy offers something fresh, fun, and exciting for everyone—no context needed. This is not your regular podcast series and with Cooper at the helm, Call Her Daddy is a nonstop wild ride.

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