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Just Jack & Will with Sean Hayes and Eric McCormack

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An iconic duo is back! Sean Hayes and Eric McCormack return to host the ultimate Will & Grace re-watch podcast. Each week on JUST JACK & WILL, Sean, who has never seen it before, and Eric, who may have seen it too much, break down an episode of Will & Grace with charm and chemistry. They revisit jokes, share never before heard stories, reunite with their fellow cast members and fabulous guest stars, and showcase the team who helped Will & Grace win an astounding 18 Emmy Awards.

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Our Editor's Take

In the late 1990s, Will & Grace changed the network television landscape. It was one of the first TV shows to have a gay character as a lead and depict them positively. Just Jack & Will with Sean Hayes and Eric McCormack is a podcast that celebrates this influential sitcom.

The hosts of this podcast are two people who were crucial to the show's success. One is none other than the actor who played Will himself, Eric McCormack. The other is the actor who played Will's best friend Jack, Sean Hayes. Both have gone on to have successful careers since the conclusion of the show's original run.

McCormack has leading roles in multiple television shows and plays. He has most recently played the lead roles in Netflix's Travelers and TNT's Perception. He also costarred on Broadway in the comedic play The Cottage.

Sean Hayes is a Tony-award-winning actor, pianist, producer, and podcaster. In 2023, he won a Tony Award for his role in the play Good Night, Oscar. He has also been cohosting the popular comedy podcast Smartless since 2020. His cohosts on that program are close friends Will Arnett and Jason Bateman.

Just Jack & Will with Sean Hayes and Eric McCormack sees the pair looking back at their most famous roles. In each podcast episode, the duo discusses a specific episode of the show and then interviews a creative team member.

Debra Messing, the actor who played Grace, appears on the podcast's third episode. Longtime fans of the show will likely be happy to hear the pair reunite once again. Series cocreators David Kohan and Max Mutchnnick also each appear in an episode.

Just Jack & Will with Sean Hayes and Eric McCormack further examines the beloved show.

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