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Charles Scott

Welcome to the ”Financial Choices Matter” podcast, hosted by Charles C. Scott, AIF®, CDP®, the Founder and President of Pelleton Capital Management in Scottsdale, Arizona. With over three decades of experience in financial advisory, Charles is dedicated to helping families assemble their financial puzzles. This podcast brings you in-depth guidance on the Five Pillars of Comprehensive Financial Planning: Cash Flow, Risk Management, Tax, Investment, and Estate Planning. Each episode aims to be your ”box top,” providing the clear vision needed to achieve a financial future tailored to your unique goals. Join us as we explore how to prioritize, organize, and seamlessly fit each piece of your financial puzzle into a cohesive whole. Tune in for strategies to maximize assets, minimize taxes, and provide peace of mind for you and your family. Upholding the principles of being fiduciary, independent, and objective, ”Financial Choices Matter” is your trusted resource for practical and profound financial insights. Subscribe and journey with us toward a secure and well-planned future. read less


Listener Questions: Should You Take Social Security Earlier, Rollover Options, & Can One Firm Manage EVERYTHING?!
Listener Questions: Should You Take Social Security Earlier, Rollover Options, & Can One Firm Manage EVERYTHING?!
In this episode of Financial Choices Matter, Charles Scott tackles some common yet critical retirement planning questions from listeners. Charles offers insightful advice on managing portfolios, Social Security benefits, and the importance of risk allocation. He also delves into the pros and cons of consolidating old 401(k) plans and the complexities of having investments, taxes, and legal documents handled by the same firm. Tune in to gain valuable knowledge that could help you make more informed financial decisions for a meaningful retirement.   Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode: 1:00 - Mary asks "My portfolio dropped quite a bit earlier this year and then recovered some. But it’s still down a bit from where it was at its peak. I’m retired and rely totally on this money for income because I haven’t started my Social Security. I’ve been wanting to wait until age 70 to start it, but now I’m wondering if I should take it now?" 6:20 - Patrick asks "I have two old 401Ks that I’ve been meaning to rollover for a while. I also have a third 401K with my current employer. Should I roll the old ones into the current 401K or into an IRA instead? It sure would be nice to have it all under one account to make the value look bigger!" 10:40 - Ronnie asks "Is it a good idea or bad idea to have my investments, taxes, and legal documents for my estate all handled by the same firm?"   Contact: Phone Number: 480-513-1830 Website: YouTube: