Prosecuting Donald Trump


Veteran prosecutors Andrew Weissmann and Mary McCord discuss and dissect the cases against former President Donald Trump, including the historic indictments from the Manhattan D.A., Special Counsel Jack Smith and Fulton County D.A. Fani Willis. read less

Our Editor's Take

The Prosecuting Donald Trump podcast explores the legal investigation into the former president. Legal analysts Andrew Weissmann and Mary McCord are the hosts. They have 50 years of combined experience working in the US Department of Justice. They have worked on both criminal cases and those of national security.

Before cohosting this podcast, Andrew was the lead prosecutor in the Special Counsel's Office for Robert S. Mueller. He also led the Enron Task Force in Washington, DC Mary was part of the Obama administration. She was Acting Assistant US Attorney for National Security. Nancy Pelosi also elected Mary to review security following the Capitol riot in 2021.

Until 2023, there had never been an indictment of a president. This podcast explains how a prosecutor might approach such a case. Andrew and Mary discuss the cases against Trump.

The first step was to consider the most suitable case to begin with. Andrew and Mary start by discussing Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg's case. Trump reportedly falsified business documents in his efforts to win the 2016 election. Does this case undermine democracy? The Prosecuting Donald Trump podcast debates all the details.

When the case plans to move to arraignment, the hosts discuss the process. Mary explains what it means to raise a motion to dismiss a criminal case. Timing-wise, the arraignment coincides with a rape allegation against Trump. What impact does this have on the Manhattan case?

Another case explored is the investigation by Special Counsel Jack Smith. This case concerns the events surrounding the Capitol riot. Mary jokes about getting a little "nerdy" about this case, as there is much to explore. The two hosts discuss Jack Smith's recent legal activity and how he might be building his case.

Prosecuting Donald Trump is an expert guide to the lawsuits filed against the former president. The team releases new episodes as they uncover fresh information. Andrew and Mary discuss the details of each case and its potential outcome. They also help offer insight into the legal system so listeners can understand it all.

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