I Wish You Would (Taylor’s Version)

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19-03-2024 • 42 minutos

I Wish You Would solidified a beautiful relationship that we all love and respect, the one between Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff. They bonded over a sick beat and have been ride-or-die ever since.

IWYW is that 80s romcom classic when you let you guard down and say how you really feel. It was Taylor’s first time rekindling a friendship after a failed relationship, and she toyed with the idea of that ex that just bought a house BY HER to actually stop by on his way home.

Yes, we are referring to Harry Styles once again! He was a big muse for the 1989 album.

Plus, the start of the Glitch. Who remembers that first TikTok that started the glitch in the first place?! And a misheard lyric preceded by a major fail.

AND we check the Google Voicemail to hear from fellow Swifties and share some of their love and ideas!

Ana Szabo, Amy Nichols and Lacey Gee break down the lyrics, the emotions and hear from Taylor herself about the intent with this song!

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