Jeffrey St.Arromand: From TV Producer To $300 Million in Real Estate Sales

The Calum Johnson Show

12-06-2023 • 1 hora 32 minutos

From TV Producer To $300 Million in Real Estate Sales. Jeffrey St. Arromand is a three-time Emmy Award-winning sports producer for CBS, NBC and TNT. He worked on the Super Bowl, Olympics and NBA for over ten years before making a successful career change. He is now a real estate agent for @serhant and with his team has made over $300 million in total sales. In this episode, Jeffrey opens up about his decision to leave a job at the top of his field and transition into a new career path. Working your way up the ranks and how to prove yourself along the way. The reality of what it's like to work with A list celebrities like Kanye West, Diddy & Shannon Sharpe. Sponsor Check out our sponsor, Free Agency ( Socials Host: Guest: