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Your Stupid Opinions

James Pietragallo & Jimmie Whisman

Two comedians, James Pietragallo and Jimmie Whisman, explore the most opinionated part of the internet… the reviews section! Each week, we find the comedy and absurdity in reviews of anything and everything. No matter what -- these reviews will be passionate, and probably pretty stupid!

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Our Editor's Take

The podcast Your Stupid Opinions focuses on the internet's most absurd reviews. James Pietragallo and Jimmie Whisman share people's opinions of various services or products. It can be anything from a Wendy's in Utah to a nose hair trimmer on Amazon. The hosts read people's feedback about funeral homes, tanning salons, and condoms. Usually, when people leave a review online, something went wrong. But, sometimes, the stories can be wild and fantastic, going into details that no one asked for. Pietragallo and Whisman find the most outrageous stories and make fun of them for the podcast.

The hosts are not strangers to podcasting. Pietragallo and Whisman started their first project together in 2016. Crime in Sports is a true crime podcast that uses comedy to explore athletes breaking the law. Later, the duo created Small Town Murder. After several years, they began recording the shows live in front of thousands of fans. Your Stupid Opinions is their next venture together. In this podcast, they choose to stay away from true crime and focus only on comedy.

Aside from podcasting with Whisman, Pietragallo wrote and starred in the film No Room for Groceries. He also cohosts the podcast PS I Hate This Movie. Whisman is a stand-up comedian who once opened for Australian comedian Jim Jefferies.

Much of Your Stupid Opinions format relies on the host's great chemistry. They have effortless banter since they've worked together for many years. They can make any topic entertaining. But thanks to the unhinged nature of some online reviewers, the hosts don't even have to try so hard. For instance, one woman reviewed a pair of vibrating underwear. She noted that it was a little too loud, but at least the battery lasted between two to three hours. Another person reviewed a gun store and said the employees were too grumpy. Reading these opinions prompts the hosts to tell stories from their lives and make jokes.

New episodes of Your Stupid Opinions come out on Mondays.

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