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Ordinary People Change the World with Brad Meltzer

Here's Where It Gets Interesting

15-01-2024 • 33 minutos

What makes a real hero? From Amelia Earhart, to Abraham Lincoln, to Jane Goodall, there are some names we all know – and with good reason. When today’s guest, author Brad Meltzer, became a father, his writing career took a turn. In a world of TikTok stars and YouTube influencers, he wanted a book series for children that set apart the character of true heroes, from those who are out for fame. Join us as we step inside the creative process of how Brad begins to write a children’s book, the collaboration with gifted illustrator, Christopher Eliopoulos, and how they choose the heroes they will bring to life next.

Special thanks to our guest, Brad Meltzer, for joining us today.

Host/ Executive Producer: Sharon McMahon

Audio Producer: Jenny Snyder

Production Coordinator: Andrea Champoux

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