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Awakening Wonder with Katherine May

Here's Where It Gets Interesting

05-02-2024 • 41 minutos

We’ve all gotten trapped in the social media & news loop: Checks Twitter, scrolls on Instagram, reads comments, watches the news, checks Twitter, reads comments, checks the news again… and the cycle continues. Today’s guest, international best-setting author Katherine May, invites us to join her on a journey or reawakening in her newest book, Enchantment. Explore the art of reconnecting with the world around you, and learn to see the humanity of others. Whether it’s a gorgeous sunset, a mossy rock, or your sourdough starter, wonder is all around us if we can practice mindfulness, engage our curiosity, and look for it.

Special thanks to our guest, Katherine May, for joining us today.

Host/ Executive Producer: Sharon McMahon

Audio Producer: Jenny Snyder

Production Coordinator: Andrea Champoux

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