Trash Taste Podcast

Trash Taste Podcast

Trash Taste is the premiere anime podcast exploring anime, manga, and otaku culture with top anime YouTubers: Joey from The Anime Man, Garnt from Gigguk, and Connor from Cdawgva, and occasionally special guests. For advertising opportunities please email:   We wanna make the podcast even better, help us learn how we can:  Privacy Policy: read less

Our Editor's Take

Trash Taste Podcast is a source of information about Japanese culture. Three top YouTubers host this show about anime, manga, and otaku culture. The podcast began in 2020 after its three hosts moved to Japan to create content. Each week, they discuss their latest cultural obsessions and share funny stories about their lives.

Joey Bizinger, Garnt Maneetapho, and Connor Colquhoun are the hosts of Trash Taste. All three are anime YouTubers and creators. Joey is better known as The Anime Man online. The Japanese-Australian creator started his anime YouTube channel in 2013. By 2016, he was working on his channel full-time. Garnt is a Thai-British YouTuber, better known as Gigguk online, who began his YouTube channel discussing anime in 2006. A practicing Buddhist, he has served as a monk twice. In 2019, he moved to Japan to continue his career as an influencer of Japanese culture. Connor, or CDawgVA, is a Twitch streamer and YouTuber. Before his creator career, he worked as a voice actor in London. In 2019, he moved to Tokyo to promote Japanese culture through his content.

This anime podcast features discussions about Japanese culture and life in Japan. The three hosts discuss what they've been watching, eating, and experiencing. They review anime conventions and talk about the weirdest places in Japan. They share food insights and recommend new shows for listeners to watch. Joey, Garnt, and Connor also invite special guests onto the show. Professional Cosplayer Jessica Nigri joins them to speak about her unusual career. In another episode, they talk to streamer PremierTwo about teaching in Japan. A Japanese anime producer joins another episode to talk about the industry.

The Trash Taste Podcast is engaging, funny, and doesn't take itself too seriously. It will likely suit almost anyone interested in Japan and its entertainment industry. New episodes arrive every two weeks and are around two hours long.

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